Untold Tales of Spider-Man #10-#13

#10) One shot featuring the conniving Commanda.  Kind of cute.

#11)  Shocker and Eel.  Debut of Bluebird.

#12)  Betty Brant’s story and Bluebird’s going to get herself killed.

#13)  Bluebird retires, becomes a photographer and tragically dies in a car accident racing to a crime scene.  The Black Knight is beaten but gets away.

This was a pretty good arc.


Amazing Spider-Man #11-#12

Back to back Doc Ock!  First one he helps Blackie (who is owed money by Betty Brant’s brother, Bennett) escape but is foiled by Spider-Man.  They both get away from the police.  Bennett is murdered accidentally by Blackie in the fight with Spider-Man and Pete can’t reveal his secret.

Ock captures Betty and Spidey is too weak to save her, defeated and unmasked, but since he didn’t put up a fight nobody thinks it *really* was Spider-Man.  The rematch goes badly for Ock and he is captured.

Kind of a happy ending, although Betty has some Spidey issues.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #4-#9

#4) The Spacemen aren’t heroes.  Spidey proves Jameson wrong and Jameson hates him more.

#5) Spidey foils the Vulture.

#6) Spidey helps Torch solve puzzles to foil The Wizard.

#7) Jason and Sally try to reveal Spidey’s identity but he makes them heroes vs. Electro and a mind controlling dentist.

#8) Headsman and The Enforcers fail against Spider-Man.  It seems that Norman Osborne is behind this in a desire to be superior to Spider-Man.  Betty is still missing.

#9) Connors is in the city, Pete kills two birds with one stone and hooks up Connors and Batwing to try to help Batwing get cured.  Tiny is still being abused by his dad.  Betty is still missing.


Amazing Spider-Man #10

Weird issue.  Betty Brant has some issue so she runs away.  Pete gets involved with the Enforcers by getting himself intentionally captured to find the hideout (and the Big Man) and then escaping and fighting as Spider-Man.  At the end of the issue the police arrest Frederick Foswell as the Big Man.  That was weird.  I like the idea that a major crime boss will immediately find out that a high school kid knows his secret identity so he sends goons out to kidnap him.

Untold Tales of Spider-Man #1-#3

  1.  In between Amazing 6 and 7, fights Scorcher, ruins a police plan, Captain Stacy likes him.
  2. In between Amazing 6 and 7, fights and saves Batwing, never really liked this story, but Pete gives Tiny math lesssons even thought Tiny is kind of a jerk.
  3. In between Amazing 7 and 8, beaten badly by Sandman, goes on date with Betty, she peps him up, he leaves her at the restaurant and goes out and beats Sandman.

Amazing Spider-Man #5-#9

5:  Doctor Doom:  Flash pretends to be Spidey, captured by Doom, Spider-Man rescues him and the FF shows up.

6: Lizard:  Peter in Florida, sciences the Lizard back to Connors, Jameson rips up the ‘fake’ pictures, Liz Allen is in love with Spidey.

7: Vulture:  Vulture escapes, Spider-Man finds him, they fight and trash the bugle, Spidey’s science doesn’t stop him so he webs him and makes a web-chute and wins.  Pete gets closer to Betty.

8: Living Brain:  Pete and Flash box!  Pete wins.  Living Brain goes on a rampage, Spidey stops it.  Pete accuses Flash of being Spider-Man.  Terrrible Torch backup story where both characters look like 4 year olds.

9: Electro:  Defeated with a hose.  (Science?)  Betty and Pete get closer, Aunt May is in hospital and needs surgery.

An interesting mix of winning with punching and winning with science.