What this blog is about.

I now have a blog.  Awesome, I am now just like everyone else.  Just what I was going for.  I actually started this blog about a month ago and haven’t posted since I created it for a couple of reasons.

1)  I’m very, very lazy.

2)  While I have things I’d like to say about certain topics, they don’t seem to blend well together.

I considered just writing about derbyfever.com/hr but that seemed limiting, because there’s just not that much to say.  I considered writing about the World of Warcraft, but one thing the world does not need is another WoW blog, and I hate to define my communications with the online world as “this is about a dorky video game!”  I also considered just writing about me and the things I think and do, but that would just lead to petty rants about how much I hate being a student.  Nobody wants that.  I don’t even think my friends or family would read it.

I could write about a combination of all three of them.  However, that would probably alienate everyone.  Therefor, that is what I will choose.  A mishmash of various topics about my stupid, crappy life and the stupid games I play and the stupid things I do and the stupid things I think.

I wonder if it’s possible to have fewer than zero active readers.


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