All Star Western 1-9

When I asked the guy at the comic store what was good, one of the first things he recommended was All Star Western.  That surprised me, because that was probably at the bottom of my list of ideas.  Batman, Spider-Man, Justice League, that kind of thing, were what I was looking for.

His advice was excellent.  It was a remarkable change from what I’d expected in comics and in the thirty minutes it took me to read it changed what I was looking for in comics.

I had no idea this was going to be a buddy book.  It should be.  The dichotomy between Arkham and Jonah is played off perfectly.  It’s taken a bit of a dip in New Orleans as Cinnamon and Nighthawk add absolutely completely nothing, but Hex and their plan to bring down the August 7 is pretty cool.

There is one thing that is keeping this from being an A.  It’s a $4 book that has awful backups instead of $4 worth of Jonah Hex and Arkham.  The backups have been terrible (although the Barbary Ghost was ok, I’d give it a D+), but the others have been low quality and dumb.  I’d rather pay $3 and not be stuck with 8 pages of crap at the end.  It’s too bad.  Issue 1, I couldn’t believe how much story there was – it was the best first issue DC printed.  The rest have seemed short (although the story moves along much faster here than in other books, Gray and Palmiotti have succeeded there.  I wish they had the full set of pages to give me more All Star Western.

All Star Western 1-9 – Grade:  Hex/Arkham = A,  Backups = D-, Final Grade:  B+.


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