Comics and DC

I could start a new blog, but I think I’ll just keep this one and have it be my review blog of the things I read.  My D&D game fell apart (some of it my fault, some of it others), and now I’m a homebody that has time for WoW and reading.

I’ve also restarted reading comics with DC coming out with the new 52.  I was never a DC reader other than by accident, so I was excited to dive into something new.  I took a shotgun approach and bought some of everything.  I still am collecting way too many books (how did it get this big this fast?), but I’m enjoying most of them and am going to start whittling away at them as we get to issue 10.

These are the DC comics I’ve been collecting with a brief comment:

All Star Western – I’m still not sold on the art, but it fits the mood very well, even if it sometimes seems someone unfinished.
Animal Man – Another that I wasn’t sure about, but I’m enjoying the Swamp Thing crossover storyline.  A couple fantastic issues so far.
Aquaman – I enjoy the new take, but these next three months will determine whether or not I keep it.
Batman – A great title and what Batman should be.
The Dark Knight – Not a great title and I’d have to re-read it to even describe it.
Detective – Pretty disappointing so far.
Batman and Robin – I knew nothing of the new Robin.  I’m starting to warm up to him.  Very good so far.
Batwoman – The art the first six issues was unlike anything I’d seen in a comic.  It’s in a lull right now and sadly has taken a huge turn for the worse.
Blue Beetle – I knew nothing of this character.  He’s been entertaining so far.
Captain Atom – I’m completely 100% loving this book.  Worried about its future.
Demon Knights – It took me a couple reads to get into it, but I’m finding this pretty interesting.
The Flash – Innovative blend of art and storytelling keeps it worth buying, but the stories are nothing special.
Grifter – I’m trying to keep the faith but I didn’t buy issue 9 and there have been a couple real stinkers of issues put out there.
Justice League – Fantastic huge explosion of a comic that is stunningly boring.  I’ve dropped it.
Justice League Dark – I liked the first story, hated the vampire tie ins, but have heard issue 9 is great.  We’ll see.  Hanging in by a thread.
Justice League International – Went from lighthearted to “holy shit what just happened” in a heartbeat.  I’m really enjoying it.
Resurrection Man – This feels like a fantastic ’80s action adventure movie.  I hated some of the early covers, but digging the run.
Stormwatch – Maybe my favorite title.  The Midnighter/Jenny storyline while rescuing Apollo was one of the most fantastic scenes I’ve read.
Action Comics – I’m just not a Superman guy.  I’m buying it because I like the stories, but I don’t like Superman stories as a rule.
Swamp Thing – I think this is weaker than Animal Man, but good enough to keep getting.
Wonder Woman – So different than what I expected.  I think it’s picking up, too.


Thunder Agents (1-6) – I liked the book, but I had a hard time remembering what happened from month to month.  With no history, I found it very confusing.  I have to re-read it.
The Ray (1-4) – A pretty stupid master villain, but I liked the character and hope he shows up in a group book somewhere.
Mr. Terrific (1-8) – Got canceled for good reason.  Poor stories and I hated the art.  I kept wanting to like it, but only bought the last three issues so I’d have the whole run.
The Shade (1-8 so far, 12 total) – Insanely awesome.  This is a must read.


The second wave

Dial H – China Mievelle is undoubtedly brilliant.  First issue of Dial H?  Intriguing and weird.  Very Mieville.
Earth 2 – I’m only buying one issue of this.
Batman Inc – I’m told I’m going to love this.  If I start buying it, probably going to dump The Dark Knight and Detective which have both been letdowns.


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