Independents and other comics

The best part about my newly re-found comic enthusiasm is all of the smaller titles that I’m enjoying.  I’m trying a ton of titles, dropping many after one or two issues (money is a factor), but always looking for new writers, or old writers getting to write something away from the mainstream.

Brilliant – Slow moving, apparently there’s only going to be a few issues of this, so whatever is going to happen better happen pretty quickly.
Dungeons and Dragons – A fantastic first 15 issues.  Just fantastic.  And then. . . it stopped, and was a weird Infestation tie-in, and now an Ed Greenwood vehicle, and I’m not going to pay for Ed Greenwood’s writing.  I’m just not.
Fatale – Awesome.  I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m liking every page of every issue.
Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist – I liked the first two issues more than the last two.  I hope it regains its stride.
Merciless – Only one issue so far in the story of young Ming, and it was excellent.
Invincible – One of my happiest finds.  The hard part is going to be affording the money to go back and get all the old trades leading up to the current issues.
Kirby: Captain Victory – I’ve liked this so far.  I had no idea what to expect.
Kirby: Dragonsbane – I really did not care for the first couple issues and will probably drop this title.
Kirby: Genesis – I missed the first few and only got on board issue 5.  I like it, but it’s too broad in scope and creating a very irregularly paced story.
Kirby: Silver Star – My favorite Kirby title.  The art has a watercolor painting feel to it.  A strange story about a person that is too powerful for his own good it seems.
Lord of the Jungle – Love the Francavilla covers, hated the annual, losing interest in the story.  I might keep buying if I can get the Francavilla covers, but that’s it.
Manhattan Projects – Absurd, surreal, weird, and fantastic.  The art takes some getting used to and puts it in a different direction than if it were more realistically drawn.
Saga – Finally got the first issue (4th printing.  Better than Fatale, where I couldn’t get it until the 5th).  Awesome story.  I have issues 2 and 3 already bagged, now I finally get to read them.
Saucer Country – I can’t tell if this is supposed to be social commentary or not.  I hope not – I don’t like to be fooled and the story is too good to have some deeper meaning.
Secret – I’m getting my secrets confused.
Secret History of D.B. Cooper – Weird and fun.  I can’t wait for the next issue.
Secret Service – I get this confused with Secret and am going to have to reread both of them.
Smoke and Mirrors – Issue three I think took a step backwards (a bit too much flashback), but a cool book.
Super Crooks – I find it formulaic, but so well done (and surprisingly violent) that I’ve liked it anyway.
Thief of Thieves – I can’t wait to re-read this.  I really have enjoyed it so far.

I may be missing a couple things, but this is a pretty good list.  A couple of the retro titles are in danger, but holy crap are there some cool stories in these.


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