Marvel and Me

When I collected comics as a kid, I was a Marvel first kind of guy.  When I started again, I looked at the comic shop and saw Spidey battling the Vulture and I thought, this is the same story as 25 years ago.  No thanks, I’ll just go DC.

Then I saw Ultimate Spider-Man with Miles Morales and I was sold.  However, I am not collecting a wide range of Marvel titles.  I get X-manned out pretty easily, and none of the Avengers books are that interesting to me.  I’ve never been a Fantastic Four reader, and while I’ve looked at both FF and Fantastic Four, neither has appealed to me very much.  The Defenders was going to be my group book, but damn did I hate it.  This is what I’m buying:

Avengers Academy – It’s a bit goofy and really sidetracked with AvX, but I’m enjoying it for the time being.
Daredevil – So good it hurts.  Can’t wait each month for this title.
Hulk – A year ago I had no idea there was a red hulk.  I like it.
Incredible Hulk – Just starting this.
Amazing Spider-Man – Still my favorite comic book ever.  It’s great every time.
Avenging Spider-Man – Can be fantastic (with the Red Hulk) or terrible (Hawkeye).  It’s still fun no matter what.
Ultimate Spider-Man – Almost enough to sell me on the Ultimate Universe.  If I weren’t fully committed financially to what I’m getting, I’d switch over.
Uncanny X-Men – Another title derailed by AvX (which has mostly sucked), but has been pretty cool so far.
Wolverine and the X-Men – It took me 4 issues to accept the art, another two to get the tone, and now it’s a highlight.

That’s a pretty light list for being a Marvel fanboy.  I’m sure nobody reads this, but what other titles out there are great?

Titles I’ve put down – Uncanny X-Force (the art is consistently not to my liking), Defenders (love the characters, hated the stories), Winter Soldier (completely un-fun), Secret Avengers (bland and made me bored by characters I thought I liked, except Hawkeye, who I have always hated), and FF and Fantastic Four (I feel like I’m intruding halfway through a 17 hour play and will have to work too hard to get caught up).

I’m reading Avengers Vs. X-Men, but last week I didn’t buy all the tie-ins and I might be in that boat from here on out.  I feel like I’m reading the same kinda boring story over and over again – although it could really be picking up.


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