Buy List 6-13-12

Kind of a weird week.  Only Marvel titles were 3 spider titles.

Amazing Spider-Man #687, Scarlet Spider #6, Spider-Men #1.

Batman #10, Batman and Robin #10, Demon Knights #10, Resurrection Man #10, The Shade #9.

Saucer Country #4, Invincible #92, and Captain Victory #5.

It’s felt a LONG time since the last Captain Victory.  I’m not sure Dynamite is keeping a tight schedule on their Kirby line.  I swear, I don’t even remember CV #4.  I know he killed a bunch of innocents to stop further loss of life, sent on a death mission or something like that, but really, it’s been a while.  I’ll re-read the series.  Going to re-read Saucer Country, too, but that one is a bit deeper and I forget too much from month to month.

I’ve now already read the Spider books (ranging from good to great) and the Bat books (ranging from decent to good).

I’ll probably post more this week on these – The Shade has been so good lately, as has Invincible.  Resurrection Man has been canceled and will be winding down, I’m interested to see how they play it off and if he gets put on a team somewhere.  That’s been a strange story – dying that many times – eventually you have to think, “Maybe I’m just a bad super-hero.”  Also, Dial H has kind of taken the “changing hero” story away, and even though I’ve been interested in RM, Dial H is a noticeably better book.

Edited to add:  I also picked up Planetoid #1 and The Massive #1 this week.  Both were very, very good.


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