Spider-Men #1

Spoilers on everything, I’m writing as if you’ve read it.

Spider-Men:  A couple of notes up front.  The only thing I know about the Ultimate Universe is the following- Peter Parker died a hero, Most stuff from Ultimate Spidey #1-30 (I’ve read the trade paperbacks up through 6), and the new Ultimate Spider-Man 1-wherever they’re at now.  That means, I have no idea what Mysterio is capable of.  We spend most of the book watching ‘normal’ Spider-Man do normal Spider-Man things, love the city, beat up Mysterio and get sucked into a purple vortex where he is immediately confused and then runs into Miles.

It’s Bendis, I knew it was going to be slow paced, but there’s only 5 issues.  Things have to happen.  I imagine in the end he’s going to get his web-shooters out of this.  I’m not even hip to if this is every other week or going to last until Halloween.  It was pretty lame for a $4 book, but I’m a Miles fan (and have always been a Peter fan), so I’ll buy it and like it and hope that it crosses into some new territory.  I’d give it a B just because it’s fun to look at.  Without looking back, I bet it’d be almost the exact same book without words.  That’s probably a bad thing.


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