Planetoid #1, The Massive #1

I picked up two number ones from Image last week.  I didn’t know anything about them except that I was hoping to find Mind the Gap #2, didn’t, and couldn’t help but by something while I was at the comic store.

I chose well.

The Massive by Brian Wood is an apocalyptic. . . umm, boat story.  Basically, the world seems to be ending and The Kapital is searching for its missing sister shit, The Massive.  Well, and to find the cause of the end of the world and maybe stop it, but that seems a bit much when the cover says, “Part one of three.”  This could be just part one of three of “Landfall” and this comic could continue.  It’s a cool story and I’m definitely going to look for part two, even if I don’t yet even understand the scope of what the story may be.

Planetoid #1 offers us no limitations on the story as the cover merely states Planetoid and Ken Garing.  Apparently Garing did everything in this book and after reading it, I’m not going to pass up any other Garing material I see in the near future.  Crash landing on a seemingly deserted planet filled with giant piles of broken an inert machinery, Silas, the hero, wanders through the maze of chaotic metal, looking for clues as to how to get off the planet.  Garing jams a ton of story into the pages here and every page is fantastic.  There is a full story on each page even if there were no dialogue.  I even enjoyed the interaction between Rictor, Silas’ interactive analytical assistant.

Both stories were very cool and books I’ll be looking for next month.  This bodes poorly for some of the DC/Marvel titles I have been getting that I’m on the fence about.  I don’t have room for 15 books a month – I’d like to get down to 12.5, so something is going to have to give.  It definitely means I won’t be going back to either Superman title, Grifter, Justice League, and I’ll probably stay away from Detective as well, although the new team on The Dark Knight will keep me there for another issue or two as the writer/artist come highly recommended from many.

These were spur of the moment pick ups and I’m finding many more interesting stories from Image than the larger publishers right now.  I’m finding myself drifting away from straight super hero stories and into the weird, mysterious, or futuristic.  I still will read Spider-Man, but I’ve been flip-flopping on Avengers Assemble, and I’ll choose these over any Avengers book other than Academy at this point (and Academy better get back in line soon – AvX is killing me).

This past week may have been the best collection of books I’ve gotten in one week.


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