Buy List 6-20-12

Avengers vs. X-Men #6, Avenging Spider-Man #8, Daredevil #14, Uncanny X-Men #14, Hulk #54, Journey Into Mystery #640

Blue Beetle #10, Batwoman #10, Wonder Woman #10, Captain Atom #10

Merciless #2, Saga #4.

I’ve now read AvX and Avenging Spider-Man.  They both were very good.  I was worried about both of them, since I’m going to cut back soon (I wanted to buy as many as I could before dropping down to 8-12 per week) and they both had been weak.

Daredevil and Hulk probably aren’t going anywhere.  This is the second Journey Into Mystery I’ve bought – I didn’t think last issue was that great, but we’ll see.  Uncanny X-Men has been better when not dealing with AvX, but AvX finally got good, so I don’t know anything.

Saga is fantastic.  It would be a shock if it wasn’t good this week.  I really liked the first Merciless, but Dynamite has kind of irked me with their irregular shipping of other titles I’ve really gotten in to (Silver Star, Captain Victory) so we’ll see about that one.

Batwoman is again a split story and I’m probably not getting it again if it stays like this.  So little happens that I don’t even remember a plot other than the blonde got her guts ripped out and Batwoman joined the group led by the guy with the skull face.  That’s not exactly engaging me.  Wonder Woman is so cool. . . but it doesn’t really interest me as much as others.  It might be dropped also unless this week kills it.  Captain Atom is canceled in three months;  As I’ve said about 10 times already on this blog, I hope they end it well.  Blue Beetle is one that I like, but has suffered from the trip to New York.  At least I don’t have to read his families bad Spanglish any more – I felt bad for the writer reading that, but he needs some focus and direction.

It looks like a good week, but the last two weeks have been so damn good, it will take something for these to keep up.  We’re off to a good start – Avenging Spider-Man had an excellent flashback story with him and Silver Sable, and AvX finally got cooking and we’re now going to see some bloodshed.

I keep wanting to write about Demon Knights #10, but can’t get it done.  It was awesome, best book of last week, and they are really, really putting out an entertaining comic right now.


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