Buy List 6-27-2012

This is what I got today.  I surprised myself by picking up a couple I wasn’t sure I was continuing with.


Aquaman #10 – I liked the cover and I guess I want to see this on through until the end of the story line.

The Dark Knight #10 – Creative team change comes well reviewed.  It has this and maybe one more issue to impress me.  The villain is Scarecrow (I think) so it might be in trouble.  Cool cover, again.

Fatale #6 – Been very good, but will re-read to re-remember what’s happening.  I prefer comics to trades, but this may have been better as a trade.

The Flash #10 – Only because it’s $3.  I also liked the cover and that he might be back to Earth.

The Incredible Hulk #10 – Such strange art.  Three artists the last three issues, same style.  None of it seems to fit Hulk, but the story has been great since the .1 issue.

Justice League Dark #10 – I liked the new direction last time and you’ll always get me with a cover subtitle of “Dare the enter. . . The House of Mystery???”

Lord of the Jungle #5 – I had no intention of getting this after the terrible annual, but they had a Francavilla cover, so I picked it up.

Manhattan Projects #4 – Great book I’ll be with until the end.

Mind the Gap #2 – Another Francavilla cover and I’m excited about this.  Very Agatha Christie meets the X-Files.

Silver Star #6 – Hooray for Dynamite getting out another Genesis book this month!

The Amazing Spider-Man #688 – The start of the Lizard storyline.

Spider-Men #2 – Hopefully something more happens this time than last.  Doesn’t matter, I’ll buy all five issues of this run.

Wolverine and the X-Men #12 – Bachalo is back and I’m hoping for a big brawl this time.  I didn’t get to see Bachalo’s Red Hulk last issue;  I hope he’s here this time.


I got a pass to the Monday screening of the new Spider-Man movie from the store.  A hat, too.  I had to buy a trade paperback to get it, but that’s fine, I’m working on my Ultimate Spidey collection.  I’ve now got 1-5,7,8,20.


Crap, just realized I forgot the new All Star Western.  I’ll have to get it next week.



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