Three Stooges

I went to see the Three Stooges at the discount theater the other day.  There were about 40 other people watching it as well, which made me happy to see the discount theater doing good business.

I really liked the movie.  Now, I’m a Stooges fan and probably would have been happy with just about anything, but I really thought all three actors channeled their characters to perfection, and the story was dumb enough and shallow enough to not get in the way.  The movie was at its worst during the baby scene and whenever anyone other than the stooges did their physical comedy, but overall, it was quite entertaining.  They were smart enough to have it limited to 90 minutes and even split that into three thirty minute shorts which kept it fresh enough.  It frequently wasn’t laugh out loud funny, but I was entertained nearly the entire show.

Most surprising fact:  The Jersey Shore cameos were actually pretty good.  I have no idea how that is true, but it is.


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