Some two sentence reviews from last week.

Most of these will be without looking back at the comics as they are on the other side of the room and I don’t want to get up and walk three steps.

The Dark Knight #10:  New creative team brought a better story and. . . umm, well the art was nice, but I don’t remember it being bad before.  Seriously though, I can’t care about Scarecrow.  I don’t even know if he’s Scarecrow or THE Scarecrow.  Doesn’t matter.  He’s just not an interesting villain to me.  This just wasn’t the issue to get me back into The Dark Knight.  I think I’m down to just Batman and Batman and Robin.  I know Batman, Inc was getting great reviews, but I might just read it in trade.

The Flash  #10:  I like the art, I like the different angles and the light textured art and all kinds of stuff, but I’m bored every time I read a Flash book.  I found myself much more interested in just a couple pages about the Flash in Earth Two than 10 issues of The Flash.  This is another one I’m dropping.

Justice League Dark #10:  This is why I’m glad DC rebooted.  Fantastic story about characters I now care about and am interested in.  I was shocked and indignant when Constantine admitted he lied to Zatanna (although he really just said, “about that,” he didn’t actually say it wasn’t true.”  Doctor Mist is a badass.  Black Orchid kind of looks like an ant, but I swear that the colors in this issue were leaping off the page because of Mist’s and Orchid’s uniforms.  Best issue in this series so far and I’m very happy about it after the mess the I, Vampire crossover was.

The Amazing Spider-Man #688:  A pretty straight forward story that used a lot of time jumping back and forth to add drama.  I forget the artist (not a regular), but his fight scenes were fantastic and his Peter Parker was unrecognizable as Peter Parker unless someone talking to him said, “Hey, Peter Parker.”  One frame he looked like Jimmy Fallon.  He didn’t always look the same, he just never looked like Peter Parker.  However, Max Modell was recognizable every time and very well drawn.  A solid issue with a bit of a new twist on the Lizard story.

Spider-Men #2:  Spider-Man looked like Spider-Man from 1982.  Miles was cool.  However, Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, got knocked out twice by Miles’ venom blasts?  Seriously?  Either Miles is going to be more powerful than anyone currently knows, Peter lost a lot of strength in jumping dimensions, or someone forgot that Peter Parker is pretty tough.  I don’t want to get in some weird Spidey fanboy fight about who is tougher, I was just very surprised to see Miles KO Parker TWICE.  Both times just one shot him.  Two weeks ago Pete was fighting the Juggernaut and managed to get away, but Morales was just too much?  I dunno.  Still a good issue and fantastic art.

Mind the Gap #2, Manhattan Projects #4:  Both good issues, but I need to really re-read these closely to follow along with everything.

Silver Star #6:  Was this the last issue?  It seemed a fitting closing note or are we going to see a Silver Star vs Drumm showdown?  Weird sci-fi story that is nothing like what I expected when I started reading this.  It’s almost too over the top for me, but I really like the art and the (creepy) revelations this issue about how Silver Star and Norma created and tested thousands of other worlds to see how their powers affected them make this a comic that is on a different level than other stories.  It’s not better (but it’s good), but it’s very, very different.


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