Pull List 7/4/2012

Happy 4th of July.  I am going to spend it playing WoW and reading comics.  Here’s what I bought today:

Animal Man #11:  I actually like that Swamp Thing was late, as I finally have an order to read these two – it’s now Animal Man then Swamp Thing.  I do want this title to hurry up and get moving, but I still like it a lot.

Avengers vs. X-Men #7:  I like that stuff is finally happening.  I haven’t thought the crossovers have all been excellent, but I’m looking forward to the last half of the series.

Captain Victory #6:  Hooray!  Three months to get 5, three weeks to get 6.  I don’t understand Dynamite.

Dial H #3:  Hooray!

Earth 2 #3:  No Mr. Terrific it looks like.  Gay Green Lantern and feuding Hawkgirl/Flash isn’t enough to keep me getting this.

Hulk #55:  Rumor has it this series is winding down and will be eliminated/rebooted/whatever.  Too bad, I like this character, except that, well, I guess it seems like what Green Hulk should be, and Green Hulk’s story should be the wacky detective one.

Invincible #93:  Hooray!

Justice League International #11:  I can’t lie.  I read this one before writing this.  The dialogue stunk, the OMAC SMASH stuff stunk, the everything stunk.  I’ll read this to its end and hope that something good comes out of this.  I really only am looking forward to an August General story I think out of all these characters.

Amazing Spider-Man #689:  I hope this is a good story with the Lizard and Morbius.  I really think it’s going to be Morbius in the next Spidey movie, so I’m hoping they do good things with him.

Ultimate Spider-Man #12:  Twelve already?  He’s going to kick some prowler ass.  Yay!

Stormwatch #11:  Hooray!

Thief of Thieves #6:  Interesting, but sort of slowly paced.  I kind of wish I’d gotten this as a trade, but I prefer supporting comics by getting them monthly.

Uncanny X-Men #15:  I hope Sinister REALLY messes with the whole Phoenix story.


I ordered Dungeons and Dragons #6-11 from the store today.  They said two weeks.  Face value for all of them but two are $3 extra.  Somehow they’re out of print, no extra copies, yet they didn’t sell enough.  Color me confused.


One thought on “Pull List 7/4/2012

  1. Animal Man is my favorite New 52 series (along with Team 7).
    What makes Animal Man so special is the way Lemire deconstructs the superhero mythology. For example:
    1) Superheroes tend to monopolize the attention of the reader, while Animal Man is constantly upstaged by the supporting characters of the series.
    2) Superhero comics usually don’t give much importance to the private life of their main character (they tend to focus only on the “costume on” part); in Animal Man, on the contrary, the private life of Buddy is the main theme of the series. In fact, it is rather infrequent to see Buddy with his costume on.
    3) Buddy is not perfect, and is not perceived as perfect by other people: in fact, in the 11th issue, when he tells his wife “It’s going to be okay”, she replies “Don’t give me anything of that superhero crap, Buddy.” That cut and thrust perfectly enlightens the philosophy of the series.

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