Quick review (JLI, Hulk, Earth 2, Stormwatch)

Stormwatch #11:  Was I supposed to know that Engineer could eat people and get their memories?  A weird, weird issue.  I guess I’m curious as to what the devolver will do to her and if it will erase her humanity or what, but this was not my favorite issue.

Justice League International #11:  Man, this was a bad comic.  From panel one.  Last issue, Batman and Booster were held up to be executed. This issue, Batman isn’t in it.  Nowhere.  They just, umm, forgot?  Now, I’m fine without Batman (he’s in plenty of stuff), but lets at least pretend either the writer, editor, artist, or someone is paying attention from month to month. The “Fire up, OMAC!” and “Settle down, OMAC!” speeches were laughably bad.  The only good part was August General, who I would really like to see more of, but he killed someone and nobody seemed to care.  The rest of this team can be retired.  This issue makes me want to not buy the last couple issues of the series.

Man, I forgot about the stupid Booster/Godiva kiss.  Or the “Get revenge for me brother!” ending.  What a rotten issue.  I’ll get the next one or two for completeness sake, but ew.

Hulk #55:  Speaking of books going away, it seems Hulk is part of the Marvel NOW relaunch, so it’s over in a month or two.  Too bad, but I’ll be happy seeing Green Hulk take over a more traditional role.  I’ll be curious as to what development there is with Red Hulk as he’s prominent in the Avengers as well.  First thing:  Eaglesham has had FANTASTIC covers for this series.  Part 1 was awesome, (I forget part two), and this one with the snake turning into the spiraling tile is outstanding.  This arc has been weird in that it features Alpha Flight so heavily, and I know nothing about them and haven’t gotten more interested.  It’s a middling Red Hulk story, and next issue is titled “The Pit of Despair,” which is a win right there, and I don’t remember if that story will be the last or if there is one more after that.

Earth 2 #3:  Damn is the art good.  Damn is Robinson’s dialogue clumsy.  Damn, no Mr. Terrific. Stupid fight between Hawkgirl and Flash.  I’ll buy another couple as long as it stays $2.99 but I either want more Mr. Terrific or a more interesting story.  Art and Terrific hope will get me to six or seven I reckon.

I didn’t hate everything this week, but these first few I looked at were pretty weak.  Best was Hulk and it was only mediocre.


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