Villain’s Month 3d covers – Aquaman

I’m going to try to talk about EVERY Villain 3d cover.  I want to talk about two things – quality of the 3d cover and the quality of the story.  Scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is terrible, 10 is awesome.  Let’s start with Aquaman.

Aquaman 23.1 Black Manta

Cover:  7.  Cool circling blood splatter with the knife out in front.

Story:  5.  I didn’t know Black Manta before the New 52, and in the pages of Aquaman I really thought, “This guy has a dumb helmet.”  He still has a dumb helmet and really wants to kill Aquaman, but the Crime Syndicate beat him to it.  Now he hates them, I guess, because I’m supposed to follow his war against them in Forever Evil.  I’ll read Forever Evil, so I guess I’ll follow it.  It was an ok story.  Makes BM in to quite the badass with his little Syndicate coin tricks and his general toughness.


Aquaman 23.2

Cover: 4.  Water splashing 3D is ok, but he’s got a pretty dumb Liefeld grin on his face.

Story:  7.5.  I kind of liked this.  I don’t know anything about Ocean Master except this issue.  I’m not sure how he got his trident on page 20.  I liked his, “I’m not human, I”m Atlantean,” reasoning.  I didn’t like his walking away from the woman and kid getting killed, but it was kind of cool seeing him turn back.  If you told me there was a comic with him in it, I might read it.  I thought this was fun and tied in with Black Manta ok.


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