3D Villains – Batman and Robin (part 2)

Batman and Robin 23.3 – Ra’s al ghul

Cover: 3 – The billowing smoke at his feet is kind of cool, but overall it’s a muddled mess.

Story: 3 – This follows the same type of story as Court of Owls, except apparently Ra’s al Ghul thinks he could withstand Ultraman and all them.  I don’t know, maybe he could, but the whole conclusion rings pretty false.  The rest of the story was mostly boring.  Little suspense and a weak finish.

Batman and Robin 23.4 – Killer Croc

Cover: 6 – The floating skulls were cool, the splashing water was nice, but all the green really muddies up the image.

Story: 6 – I liked this a little bit.  It read a little bit like a comic for Halloween or Friday the 13th except with a Man-Croc.  It wasn’t as good as the Killer Croc story in Batwoman a few months back, but it was ok.  I want more Croc.


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