3D Villains – Detective

Detective 23.1 – Poison Ivy

Cover: 2 – Blurry from most angles, limited use of the 3D, head looks like it’s from a different body, flowers don’t do anything, and bland coloring.  Interesting crotch shading, however.

Story: 4 – Kind of a boring story with a WTF ending.  Seriously, was that Gordon facing her down on the last page at the rooftop?  And she swung away on a vine?  What the freaking hell?

Detective 23.2 – Harley Quinn

Cover: 3 – Again, Batman looks like a batsuit stuffed with straw.  The 3D sledge hammer isn’t that cool.  I’m a little embarrassed by the naked.  If I weren’t buying all of these, I’d likely have skipped it just because the T&A is too much and too gratuitous.

Story: 4 – Well, Matt Kindt managed to make Harley Quinn boring.  That’s something.  Complete set up and added almost nothing.  I knew almost nothing about Harleen before this and I’m not sure I learned anything.  I think it was trying to make the point that maybe, just maybe, ALL of Harley Quinn is an act.  That would be a . . . shit, I don’t know.  It would be something that may or not even be a change.  Boring.

Detective 23.3 – Scarecrow

Cover: 3 – The mist didn’t do much, the crows didn’t do much, and Scarecrow is a dude wearing a pointy sack on his head.

Story: 2 – Boring as crap.  Should have been called “Arkham War 0”.  Convinced me not to read Arkham War.

Detective 23.4 – Man-Bat

Cover: 7 – The bats and running Man-Bat were kind of cool.

Story: 4 – Serum makes a person strong but crazy.  Addictive.  Wasn’t this the Green Goblin story (and about 8 million others)?  I guess it was ok.


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