3D Villains – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight 23.1

Cover: 7 – I liked the hanging bat family in the background.  Not sure about the doll.

Story: 8 – I liked it.  Like a slightly darker Chucky.  I still don’t really know what Ventriloquist does other than kill with her puppet (or the other way around), but that’s fine.  I liked that they went all out at the end and killed kiddies and kitties and then painted them like dummies.  I’ll read a Batgirl with Ventriloquist in it.

The Dark Knight 23.2 – Mr. Freeze

Cover:  5 – It’s ok.  No real use of the 3D.  Mr. Freeze has some BIG shoulders.

Story: 9 – I like this Mr. Freeze.  Chilling story.  I look forward to Gray and Palmiotti on Bat-stories.

Cover: 4 – He looks too much like Gray Grimace to actually be effective.

Story: 5 – It was a Clayface story.  That alone caps it at, “meh.”  He’s big, dumb, almost invulnerable, and doesn’t use his powers to anyone’s benefit, including his own.  Next Clayface story?  Same thing.

The Dark Knight 23.4 – Joker’s Daughter

Cover: 10 – Holding up the mask is the best use of the 3D covers in all of Villains’ Month.  Plus, her boobs are 3D.

Story: 1 – Ugh. 


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