Amazing Spider-Man #264

Writer: Craig Anderson

Artist:  Paty

Paty?  Just one word there.  I guess that’s a name.  Actually, the art was pretty good here.  A bit cartoony, but it was a very cartoony story.  Red 9 is some 16 year old Texas kid that gets  a hold of his uncle’s NASA test force field suit and of course comes to New York to fight Spider-Man because it’s fun to fight your friends.

During the fight, Spidey finds out a crabby old man is going to be kicked out of his nursing home by a crabby middle aged doctor because of bureaucratic errors.  Spidey fixes it and convinces Red 9 to be a good guy and everyone is happy.

A quick read that was quirky and a little bit funny.  Nothing wrong with this but certainly a very, VERY light comic.

I’m reading a couple of these out of order because I only have a disc with some of these Amazing’s on them and would rather read them all at once.  I’ll get back to Web and Spectacular soon.


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