Amazing Spider-Man #266

Writer: Peter David

This takes place before Spectacular #100, so Black Cat is still calling Spidey, “Lover.”

This one was hard to describe.  A man jumps off a building, hoping to end it all.  He’s saved by Spidey.  Later, Spider-Man finds that the sorry soul he saved is none other than The Toad!  The Toad decides to be Spidey’s partner and to prove his worth sets up an ambush so he can help save Spider-Man.  Somehow, Frogman and the Amazing Spider-Kid find out about this and horn in on the action.  Hijinks ensue.

The bad guys lose, Spidey makes time with Bambi at the end, and a new “super” team is formed, The Misfits.  Very light hearted but quite a bit of fun.


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