New Comics (3-26-2014)

A couple things from a couple weeks back as I get caught up from Hero House.

Superior Spider-Man #30 – This keeps getting better and better.  I liked the free Black Widow #1 that came with it.  Next issue may be AWESOME.

Survive #1 – This was only ok.  I liked the entire Galactus event and this has led me to probably collect all three Ultimate comics, so job well done.

Iron Patriot #1 – I hereby follow writers, not titles.  Well, titles sometimes, too (hello Spider-Man team-up).  Ales Kot has my loyalty.  I liked this quite a bit.  I don’t really know anything about Rhodey, but I’m interested in how this turns out.  I seem to like the spin-offs more than regular titles (getting this, not Iron Man, getting Secret Avengers instead of the main books, etc.).

Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #11 – This book’s momentum seemed to die with the impending end of Otto as Spider-Man.  A decent enough story, but pointless and a bit drab.  What else is there but to reminisce at this point?

Afterlife with Archie #4 – Best (and only) zombie book I’m reading.  Francavilla is perfect for this, as is my passing familiarity with Archie without any real knowledge.  Was tempted to check out an Archie book at the library today.

Manhattan Projects #19 – I thought I was Hickman’d out, but it turns out I’m only Hickman’d out in his super-hero books.  This keeps getting better and better, although this issue was pretty damn weird and not a ton happened.  I’m not as much of a fan of the war inside Oppenheimer.

Hawkeye #18 – I don’t like Girl Hawkeye that much and I don’t like Wu’s art that much, but I like that this title seems to be building up some steam as it’s been a little dry the last six months.

All Star Western #29 – Did Jonah Hex really tell a long boring racist murderfest campfire story just to get some action?  Strange change in art, but fitting with Hex’s new face.  I liked this again.  In my opinion, one of DC’s most consistent and quality books.

Secret Avengers #1 – This felt a little bit like the finale of the Lego movie.  THIS HAPPENED.  THEN THIS HAPPENED.  THEN THIS HAPPENED!!!!!  Except this wasn’t a finale, it was a hello.  Madcap, crazy, intense, and all about characters that I don’t care that much about but might learn to.  Again, following Ales Kot.  How is his name pronounced, by the way?

Astro City #10 – I kind of fought for this storyline, as I liked it when others considered it pandering and poorly thought out with a weak message.  The conclusion of the Winged Victory arc was. . . kind of weak.  Still a fun comic with awesome art, just a bit of a lame conclusion to a story that I don’t think will hold up well to a rereading.

Manifest Destiny #5 – This story, while stuck a little bit in the forest of the tree zombie people, keeps the action moving with some characters becoming more prominent.  “She speaks English.  Did you know she speaks English?”  “I did not.”

East of West #10 – Ok, maybe I *am* Hickman’d out.  I wish I understood anything in this comic.  It seems really cool and is awesome to look at, but I have no idea what the hell is going on.

X-Files #10 and King Conan The Conqueror #2 I haven’t read yet.  A good week for comics.  I have a huge pile of things to read and a couple days to do nothing but cheer for Wisconsin and get my comics sorted.


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