New Comics (4/2/2014)

Moon Knight #2 – This is a fun series.  This comic was a bit light on story, heavy on mood as the first 10 pages were slow deconstruction of 8 apparently non-related people.  The rest of the comic was badass and quiet and I hope this comic stays this good for a long time.

Detective #30 – Ahh, colorful Gotham.  This was fun – a ton happened and apparently I’m supposed to know about this new drug Icarus, but I don’t.  Back on my pull list.

She Hulk #3 – Doom’s kid is kind of a cry baby.  Liked it.

Ultimate Spider-Man #200 – Ganke is the man.  This was a nice retrospective on Ultimate Peter and sets up Miles really well for the Ultimate reboot.

Black Science #5 – Ok, things are getting weird.  Going to need to reread this whole series to keep up with it I think.


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