New Comics 5/14/14

So much, so little time.

Justice League United/Canada #1.  I got the Canada version.  A lot is happening with characters I don’t know.

Moon Knight #3 –  This thing is gorgeous.

The Woods #1 – Weird, but I’m a bit tired of the status update boxes.

Secret Avengers #3 – Wild and Wacky, yet some serious moments.  Uneven and uncomfortably fun.

Nailbiter #1 – Might be good, but a bit formulaic.

Iron Man #25 – Is this the first Iron Man this year where he gets to go in and just kick some butt?

Astro City #12 – Another slice of life from the Astro City world.  I kind of want some meat in this story.

Fantastic Four #4 – I’ll finish this first arc and assess.  I kind of like parts of this even though I hate stories where people lose their powers.

Uber #13 – A rather unneeded feature on a so far kind of minor character.

Doomed #1, Action #31, Superman/Wonder Woman #8 – Doomsday has been fun so far.  Pricey, but fun.

Batman Eternal #6 – The story keeps getting wider and wider.  I wonder if this is intentional or the lack of focus is from having eleventeen writers.

Nightcrawler #1 – This was only ok, but I like Nauck on the art.  I kind of want him back to Image to do more Invincibleland, but oh well.

Starlight #3 – Wow, this got dark in a hurry.

Ultimate Spider-Man #1 – I might never not be a fan of this.

Afterlife With Archie #5 – I wonder how long they can sustain this.  Are there that many corners of Archie-land to discover if the ones we know get infected?


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