Amazing Spider-Man #269-270

This pair was fun.  Firelord, former herald of Galactus, comes to Earth for some pizza.  He’s socially awkward and some construction workers who think he’s a mutant attack him with a fire hose.  Well, that pisses Firelord right off, so he’s going to kill them all.  Spider-Man saves the day, not knowing who Firelord is (because this is before wikipedia).

They fight, Spidey sees he’s outclassed, he looks for The Avengers or The Fantastic Four, can’t find them, briefly considers hiding as Peter Parker so Firelord can’t kill him, decides that is a bad idea because other people might get hurt, comes back and beats up Firelord.  Thanks, symbiote!

The Avengers show up and congratulate Spidey on a job well done.  These were a fun two issues.  I like a lot of what DeFalco did as a writer during this era.


One thought on “Amazing Spider-Man #269-270

  1. Actually, this is also (from where I started) where you could see that Spider-Man was more powerful. This was a freaking HERALD OF GALACTUS. And Spidey whupped him. I’m not sure if other comics earlier had shown how powerful the symbiote was making him (or if this even was the intent at the time), but it stuck out to me.

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