Amazing Spider-Man #271-272

Both written by DeFalco, 271 penciled by Frenz, 272 by Buscema.

271 – Crusher Hogan (ever revisited since Spidey’s origin?) is a washed up fighter, cleaning a gym.  Manslaughter Marsdale and Madam Fang (is she new or is this an old villain?) have some weird plan to blackmail a fighter into staying being represented by them or he’ll get crippled/killed.  Crusher tells stories about his (fake) friendship with Spider-Man.  MJ finds the gold notebook.  Nathan owes money.  MJ models for Kingsley (bad!), Aunt May needs help watching Nathan (since he’s going to get beat up because of his debt) (bad!), Spidey saves Bobby Chance (the boxer) and Crusher (good) but fails to save Nathan from being beat up (bad) and Aunt May is sad that Peter isn’t around any more.  A really good, fast paced issue that had a TON of things happen.

272- Slyde steals because he has to wants to get money to start his own business after being unjustly fired.  Spidey tries to stop him, turns out Slyde is kind of good and helps the cops get some other bad guys, but steals money anyway.  Spidey lets him get away, because really, how many times do you want to chase and catch a slippery guy.  Aunt May is still kind of a bitch to Peter, but he wants to help Nathan, he’s just busy.  And the last two pages are a preview for the Puma coming up again, being told by a shaman to team up with Spider-Man and stop the Beyonder.  Decent and fun, these last couple of Amazings were really good.



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