New comics 7/2/2014

New stuff this week. I need to get in this habit.

Miles Morales #3, Tech Jacket #1, Daredevil 0.1, Uber #15, The Woods #3, Batman Eternal #13, Magneto #6, Action #33, Moon Knight #5, Fantastic Four Marvel 100 Anniversary #1, Southern Bastards #3, Rocket Raccoon #1, Nailbiter #3.

Moon Knight was amazing again. Tech Jacket was a bit slow. Action advanced Doomsday along nicely. I finally understood an issue of Batman Eternal from start to finish. Not sure about that Fantastic Four comic – lie, I am sure. I didn’t finish it. I was too bored to finish reading a 22 page comic. Miles Morales continues to be fun. Magneto is violent and when the hell are they stopping this arc? I like Southern Bastards, but it’s getting a bit hard for me to suspend my disbelief. The Woods is getting a bit teen drama-ish, but I still liked it and the cliffhanger. Daredevil was a fine addition but unneeded.

I haven’t read Rocket or Nailbiter yet.


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