Spectacular Spider-Man #107-#110: The Death of Jean DeWolff

Not a lot needs to be said about these. One of the iconic Spider-Man story arcs. It’s easy to forget that Daredevil was still finding a voice here and was portrayed pretty badly when he let the judge die because he was worried about his secret identity.

Issue 110 was noteworthy because it was here that Daredevil told Spider-Man he’d figured out his secret identity and confided in Peter his identity as well. This led to some discussion about powers and responsibilities.

These books had a pretty strong message about being safe. Who is safe and where? How much responsibility do we have for our own safety? At the end of issue 110, Ernie Porchik, one of Aunt May’s borders, shot three punks that were trying to rob him on the subway. He’d been robbed and beaten at the start of the arc.

Great four story arc, probably the best arc since I started at Web 100.


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