Amazing Spider-Man #273,274, Spectacular Spider-Man #111, Secret Wars 2 #7-9, Avengers #266

The conclusion of the Secret Wars 2 epic.  These were. . . not as good.  Honestly, Secret Wars 2 stunk.  It was a dumb idea.  The Beyonder wants fulfillment.  He can’t find it because he’s omnipotent and apparently this would involve being able to lose something.  He also seems to like Spider-Man.

Puma’s destiny is to destroy the Beyonder.  The Beyonder can’t be destroyed by him, Spider-Man can’t be paid to help kill, Molecule Man saves the day.  The only interesting part of this entire circus is Molecule Man faking losing his powers at the end so everyone will leave him alone so he can spend his days with Volcana.

Amazing 274 was a little interesting as a Job story where Spider-Man is beset by terrible things as he tries to save the Kingpin from being assassinated.  This is all part of a wager between Mephisto and The Beyonder to save Earth for another day.

Really, The Beyonder was written as a petulant 12 year old girl.  It just wasn’t fun.  Anything that happened could be immediately erased.  It just wasn’t a very compelling reading experience.

Coming up is Black Cat and Hobgoblin stories so these should be pretty good.


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