Amazing Spider-Man #278

Plot: DeFalco

Script: Peter David and Jo Duffy

David crosses over to help out in Amazing.  First two pages, obvious bad guy disguises himself as a cop.  Peter is given a job by Cushing.  Finally!  To interview Flash.  Sharon Banks, Flash’s attorney, is hot, thinks Peter.  She’s not a public defender, she drew the short straw on her pro bono work.   The bad guy in the cop disguise tries to kill Flash.  It turns out he’s the Scourge.  Spidey saves him, but Scourge ends up killing The Wraith, who was Brian DeWolf, Jean DeWolf’s brother.

A lot about friendship and responsibility here.  Eventually, Peter decides Flash is his friend and he has to back him no matter what.  Meanwhile, Hobgoblin is still on the loose and cackling.


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