Spectactular Spider-Man #115, #116

Writer/Artist : Peter David/Mark Beachum, Rich Buckler

115:  Side arc:  Joe Robertson meets son Randy’s white wife.

Side arc: Joy and Peter are doing the story on Abused Alex.  Spider-Man has to save the day as Alex’s dad is punching people.  The kid has superpowers and some weird glow.  “It wants to come out.”  Dad is moving the family over a few blocks to get in a new district and to try to bury allegations and force a new school district to come after him.

Main story:  Peter decides he has bad luck.  He goes to Doctor Strange.  Doc can remove the curse, but it might affect whoever he got the bad luck from.  That would be Black Cat.  Pete goes ahead and gets decursed.  This happens just as Felecia is trying to rob The Foreigner, who clearly doesn’t mess around.  She loses her bad luck powers just as she is attacked and his punched HARD.


116 Black Cat has her nose broken and is in trouble.  Peter is mad that MJ meddled and fixed his apartment and is modeling for Roderick Kingsley (who I know is bad, but I don’t know what bad things he was at this point in time).  Foreigner is having a conversation with old acquaintance/student Sabertooth.

Next:  Black Cat wakes up to evil strong henchman kissing her.  Others are complaining they want a turn.  Now, she turns the tables, but we went a bit too creepy here.  Last panel of the fight, with the knife, when she yells at the guy trying to run away, “Come back here, I have a new claw – – – just for you!” she lands on the guys back, and yells, “YES” and he yells, “No!”  Did she kill him?  I don’t know if she’s a killer before this or not.  I do know she was kind of trying to be Robin Hood, but I also know that sexual assault could lead one to kill their attackers.

Cute scene right after, Peter pacing about decisions.  On the floor, on the ceiling, on the walls.

Side Arc: Alex’s dad is still a dick, but he reveals his dad hit him worse!  Alex is worried about his new power.  “I can’t control [it] much longer.”

Foreigner finds out Black Cat got away and sends Sabertooth after her.  Felecia and Peter fight as she learns that he cost her her powers without talking to her.  He leaves, Sabertooth shows up, he comes back, Peter webs Sabertooth’s face shut, he rips off his own face, and down goes Sabertooth.  Not sure if that was a satisfying fight to read – didn’t this guy fight Wolverine for years?  Foreigner decides to deal with Black Cat himself.

Last scene – Abused Alex disintegrates his dad.



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