Spectacular Spider-Man #113, Amazing Spider-Man #277

Lets not be as wordy here, but the last issues were pretty big.

Spectacular 113: Writer/Artist – Peter David/Bob McLeod.

Ernie Popchik is home, too!  He’s hounded by the press after shooting the muggers on the train.  May’s boarders convince her to get Peter (with his news connections) to call off the dogs.  Meanwhile, Spider-Man is on the street beating up lowlifes to get info on Hobgoblin and The Rose.  He heads to the Bugle, where they convince him to get an interview with Ernie.  Oh, poor Peter.

Side stories:  Black Cat robs someone who gives her info on The Foreigner (The Master Assassin – new here and in Web 15) and his diamond collection.  She seems interested and is interested in Robin Hooding and giving stuff to kids.  Poor Abused Alex’s dad still is a dick.  Alex accidentally ruins his dad’s experiment (and looks like he’s now got super powers) and dad almost hits him but the lawyer walks in.  I hope this story goes somewhere good.

Main story:  The punks Ernie shot but didn’t kill come back to the Parker household for revenge.  Spider-Man saves the day.  After the day is saved, Nathan pulls the blinds, giving the cops a clear shot at the lead punk (who threatened them all and was quite terrible) and the cops, seeing his gun (even though it was webbed) and shoot him to death.  Nathan thinks he did the right thing, but May is very upset.


Amazing 277:  Writer/Artist – Tom DeFalco/Ron Frenz

Daredevil calls Pete and warns him to stay away from the Kingpin.  Kingpin has RUINED Murdock’s life, blown up his home, taken it all.  Daredevil is going to get revenge and wants Spider-Man to stay out of it.  Spider-Man immediately goes to the Kingpin.  Kingpin tells Spidey that Spider-Man can’t hurt him, his tendrils are too deep.  Spider-Man regrets his decision to talk to him and leaves.  Kingpin is content – until he discovers he’s webbed to his chair.  Oh, good ol’ Spidey.

Second half of the comic – Cry of the Wendigo (art and script by Charles Vess).  Spidey saves a kidnapped girl in a snowstorm in New York.

Good stuff, but the Wendigo story was just a filler story.  Not sure why, but I guess they didn’t have the Kingpin story they needed.  Maybe they needed to use more of it in Daredevil.


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