Web of Spider-Man #14, #15, Spectacular Spider-Man #114

Web:  Writer/Pencils/Colors: David Michelinie/Mike Harris/Bob Sharen

Web #14 – Peter’s lease says he needs to pay for the fire damage to his apartment.  Should he sell his gold notebook?  Black Fox meets up with friend/fence Andre Boullion to work out one last caper so Fox can retire.  Parker can’t get a loan, checkblock Kathryn Cushing disapproves.  Spidey on patrol interrupts Fox’s crime, doesn’t want Foxy to get shot so kind of helps him get away, and finds out about his Fence.  Ooh, sell the notebook.  Spider-Man follows Black Fox to Boullion and finds Boullion shot and murdered.

Web #15 – Spider-Man hunts down Black Fox, Fox insists he’s innocent, and CHANCE appears (first appearance).  Chance is a techno-nerd with a super tech outfit that gambles for his fees.  Chance also was talking to Foreigner (brought up in Spectacular, Black Cat is going to rob him – first appearance).  Bad fight, everyone gets away.  In the end, Spidey sells his notebook for 10% value and spends the money on Nathan’s hospital bills.  MJ pays to redo Pete’s apartment.  Black Cat turns in the gem he stole for the reward.


Spectacular #114 – Writer/Artist – Len Kaminski/Joe Brozowsky

Filler issue in the middle of some good runs.  A poor kid tries to make ends meet by stealing.  He steals Spider-Man’s stuff (didn’t this JUST HAPPEN?)  The kid is caught by the cops and made to do Spider-Man things.  Spidey saves the day, convinces the kid to use his electronics skill to start his own business.  Kid works now with dad.  Very last scene is weird, the kid helps the cop who forced him to do VERY dangerous and illegal things and the cop invites him into his apartment.  Kid says, “Sure officer, after all, we’re on the same side, aren’t we?”  Then it ends.  Is that ominous?


The two Webs were great.  I like that team they have on it.  Michelinie obviously is a solid writer, but the art is vibrant and imaginative as well.

Spectacular 114 was a weird filler issue that doesn’t make sense to me on how it got jammed in.


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