Web of Spider-Man #16, #17

Writer: David Michelinie

Pencils/Colors: Marc Silvestri/Bob Sharen

Peter is broke.  He has no laundry.  He gets sent (with Joy Mercado) to Temple Corners, VA to report on the strife in a town after its factory shuts down.  It’s not a great story.   Key points.

Spider-Man disappears.  Pete gets trapped under a blowing up mountain.

Joy ‘knows’ Pete is Spider-Man.  Joy is also a badass – she carries a knife and uses a machine gun.

Magma is the villain.  Apparently he first (and only) appeared in an old team-up with Iron Man.

Roxxon appears – this is the oldest date that I’ve seen them as evil.  I’m sure there’s a ton earlier, it’s just my first recollection.

Issue 17 leads into the 3 part “Missing in Action” crossover with Spectacular 17, Amazing 279 and Web 18.

Funny Note:  Cover of 16 has a huge star with “Don’t miss the 1st issue in Web’s daring new adventures into mystery and suspense!” inside.  I wonder if there really was an editorial push to make Web the mysterious Spider-title.


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