Web of Spider-Man #19

Michelinie/Silvestri/Sharen again.

First – Spider-Man dares goons to hit him and shoot him to test his Spider-Sense.  He’s freaked out.  It turns out that his Spider-Sense is working fine.  What happened then on that subway platform?

Second – In Germany, some guy named Solo teleports into a hostage situation, kills the kidnappers, and disappears.  “While I live, terror dies.”

Third – Joy is convinced that Roxxon is evil.  She and Peter are sent to NORTHERN IRELAND to cover a Thatcher speech on Terrorism.  While getting his passport, Peter stops Humbug (FIRST APPEARANCE, ooh yeah), a wimpy scientist who wants money to study bugs.  He uses amplified insect sounds to attack.  Spider-Man wins.  Humbug is destined for a terrible fate years and years later.

At the end, it looks like Joy and Pete’s flight is scheduled for a terrorist attack on it.

A pretty dumb story that probably could have been skipped.  Peter needed a passport, he got one, instead there is 20 other pages of ridiculousness.  Of course, that ridiculousness included Humbug, so it was (wasn’t?) worth it.


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