Web of Spider-Man Annual #2, Spectacular Spider-Man #118

Web:  Ann Nocenti writes, Arthur Adams drew the main story, Mike Mignola did the back up.  That’s kind of neat.

Main story:  Warlock (from the New Mutants) isn’t human, he hasn’t experienced real life, so he goes to NYC to find and experience it.  He gets in all kinds of trouble, hijinks ensue, Spider-Man kind of saves the day, and everyone goes home happy.  Backup story:  Peter has bad dreams.  His suit is after him.  Foreshadowing Venom?  These were remarkably readable comics considering the similarity to other stories I’ve read.  Warlock is perfect for a one shot, and while we knew it was a dream all along, somehow these few pages of dreams weren’t irritating.

Spectacular:  Peter David wrote this.  McLeod and Sharen on finishes and inks.

Prelude:  Foreigner is crafty with his disguises and assures the Kingpin that he’s going to have Spidey working for him soon.

Main story:  This was a tough story.  Abused Alexander is out on the lam, worried everyone is after him.  He manages to blow up some cops, which puts SHIELD (Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-enforcement Division) on him.  SHIELD is out for blood. Spider-Man tries to save him, but SHIELD guns the kid down and he dies in Spider-Man’s arms.  This was a grim comic with SHIELD strangely all out to kill instead of detain and understand.  I’m hoping there’s a followup to this as David writes Spectacular off and on for the next year or so before jumping to Web for #40-45.



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