New Comics 7/10/2014

What I got this week.

First, old comics.  Picked up Amazing Spider-Man #26 and Annual #2 for fair prices.

Had a chance to read:

Fantastic Four #7 – I’m actually liking this a bit – Kirk does a hell of a Thing, Superman/Wonder Woman #10 – It turns out Brainiac is behind all of this?, Batman Eternal #14 – This is getting better as the pieces are falling in to place, Suicide Squad #1 – Not an auspicious debut, Superior Foes #13 – This series is winding down nicely but it’s been so long since the last one it was tough to actually remember everything that was happening but it’s fun as Beetle/Boomerang/Speed Demon were all in the old Amazing run I’m reading.

Still to read: Detective #33, Daredevil #5, Wolverine #10, Amazing #1.3, Grayson #1 (pink cover…), Walking Dead #129, Marvel Anniversary Spider-Man (the FF issue last week was one of the worst comics I’ve ever read.  I didn’t finish it.  I couldn’t.  Just wanted to stop and get away)


I have now read Detective (dropping after this arc, it’s a fine story and the art and coloring are great, but just doesn’t merit $4 per issue).

Daredevil #5 – The death of Foggy Nelson.  Waid’s DD continues to be one of the best comics on the shelves.

Wolverine #10 – Aww, reconciliations.  This is probably a waste of money, but I’ll spend $12 to watch Wolverine die.  It’s weird seeing Sabertooth be such a badass while I’m reading him getting creamed by Spidey and Black Cat over in ’80s Spider-Mans.

Grayson – This was ok.  I’m not sure I’ll get more, but it was ok.

Marvel 100th Anniversary – they now got me for $8.  No more.

Sill need to read Amazing 1.3 and Walking Dead.


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