Web of Spider-Man #20-#22, Amazing Spider-Man #280-#282, Web of Spider-Man Annual #2, Amazing Spider-Man Annual #20, Spectacular Spider-Man #119

Web of Spider-Man #20-22.  Uncredited in the books, the reading guide states the writers as Michelinie, Lieber, and Kaminski with artists being Silvestri for 20 and 22 and Lieber for 21.   Joy and Pete get sent to London for talks on terrorism.  Spider-Man saves part of the day – they go to Ireland.  Pete gets sick, flashes back to another time he was sick when someone impersonated him to make him look bad because their dad died when Spidey stopped a robbery.  Cooler heads prevailed.  They went to Ireland (more terrorism) and ROXXON is behind it.  Spidey and Joy stop some disasters and the bad guys look like they’re getting away, but Roxxon doesn’t tolerate failure and blows up their own helicopter.  The end.  Not much Spider-Fun here.

Amazing #280-282:  DeFalco was the writer on all three.  These were a lot of fun.  Spider-Man gets a job with Silver Sable to help pay for Flash Thompson’s defense, which involves him being a hired gun to help bring in Jack O’Lantern.  Jack sends the sinister syndicate in his stead to fight Sable and Spidey, which leads to an all out brawl between Hydro-Man, Rhino, Speed Demon, Boomerang, and The Beetle.  They may have been done for except a reformed Sandman hears the fight, hates Hydro-Man, so joins in.  Spidey is down at the end of 280, Sandman saves him at the start of 281, and they fight off the Sinister Syndicate, who flee.  Spidey took the worst of it.  Meanwhile, Flash has been unwillingly been broken out of jail by Jack O’Lantern and Hobgoblin and Jack fight.  282 was just a one shot of Jameson hiring X-Factor to handle Spider-Man and is a reminder at how screwed up the X-World was back then.  I really liked the Sinister Syndicate fight.  It’s silly, but big brawls with his rogues gallery are fun.  More fun than whatever is happening in Web.

Web Annual #2:  Another Ace story.  Ace testifies against his brother, the murderer, but is a terrible witness, leaves early, fights Spider-Man, steals his sister, and leaves town.  At the end, the murdered guy’s brother or son (I forget) has a gun and is off to shoot people.  So are the gang members.  Main question:  What superpower does Ace have?  I don’t know if this is ever resolved. (and after looking it up, it wasn’t.  He just was so fast Spider-Man couldn’t hit him, but could hit Spidey, and let his brother get off on a murder charge.  He also seemed to have figured out Spider-Man’s secret identity (although that was never brought up again either).  Atrocious.

Amazing Annual #20  Actually worse than the Web annual.  A bad Iron Man comes back in time for reasons about a bomb but the comic made me so unhappy I didn’t even care why they did.  He shredded a kid (he needed his eyes for security in the future  –  2015, this happens next year) but the kid didn’t die.  He later grew up to be the disfigured guy working for the bad Iron Man.  Time travel and boring – not a fun combination.  In the end, the bomb in the future goes off, killing everything.  These two annuals should be reminders to myself why not to buy annuals.  My New 52 Batman Annual #1 I guess is a reminder why I should. . .)

Spectacular #119:  Peter David.  Black Cat kicks Sabretooth’s ass.  Hard.  She’s also sleeping with The Foreigner.  But is she over Spidey?  That’s what she’s saying, but not what she’s thinking.  How will her plan for vengeance turn out?  This has been a fun storyline.  I need to go back and read Spectacular 74-100 to get more Black Cat.


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