New comics 7/16/14 and 7/23/14

Oops.  I have about three weeks worth of comics in a giant pile waiting to be put away.  I’ll say the following:

I don’t like the Original Sin tie ins I’ve read, specifically in Spider-Man#4 and Daredevil #6.  They’ve done nothing for me and have added some weird pacing and plot choices that I didn’t think helped the story.

Saga #21 looks great, but really struggles with momentum as it spends way too much time with Marko and Alana not winning the relationship game.  Needs more bounty hunters and less daycare.  All Star Western #33 was a nice end to the run.  I like Jonah Hex, I like the stories told, I don’t like paying $4 for them each month when they’re half price online within 6 months of them coming out.

I’m slowing down on reading The Walking Dead as I’m reading the trades to get caught up.  Manifest Destiny #8 continues to keep pace as the crew is trapped as the boat is stuck on an arch in the water.  It’s a cool story that I’m sticking with.  I think I wrote that Robin Rises: Omega was an artistic jumble that was confusing with a stereotypical Justice League scene (hint:  They fight each other).  Crap, I liked most of the Batman and Robin run, but I’m not sitting through this.  Wildfire #2 has taken no time to get going – the plants are all over and now they’re on fire.  Exactly what the title promised.  Everyone seems to be fighting about it, which seems dumb.  She-Hulk #6 and Ms. Marvel #6 both keep on doing what they are doing, which is good.  Ms. Marvel got fucking weird, She-Hulk still has an artist that I struggle with, but I am enjoying both of them a lot.  Secret Avengers #5 continues doing what its been doing, too, which unfortunately is trying just a little too hard to be clever and not telling a clever story.  Magneto #7 is a grim tale that’s well told and well drawn.  Problem:  It’s one of those stories about people who hate mutants so much they do things that I’ve never seen people do.  It’s hard to get into stories when you can’t suspend your disbelief due to the lack of believability of the bad guys.

Rat Queens #7 is fun with as kickass of a fight scene as you’re going to get starring everyone’s favorite Queen, Lola!  Wait, who the hell is Lola?  There’s also a Tizzie early on in the book.  Apparently I have to go back and reread some stuff.  Conan the Avenger #4 was almost unreadable.  Couldn’t get into it at all.  That worries me.

Batman #33 is why I hate comics.  I liked the story, I liked the conclusion, I can’t wait to go back and reread all of Zero Year, except I have NO IDEA how Batman won.  I don’t get it.  It was all pictures and I don’t know what he did.  Not a great bit of visual story telling, which was sad.  Life with Archie #37 was boring and flashbacky, which I didn’t want.  I wanted one year later (as advertised), not one year later reminiscing.  The Wicked and the Divine bored the crap out of me.  Ooh, Hipster douche bags, I can’t wait to read what they have to say!  Actually, mostly not.  Another that suffers from being too clever, except Secret Avengers is too clever in an old man space adventure weird way and this was just posers posing for posers.  Grayson #1 was fine and will go in my pile of #1s that I only have one of and I hope they get worth something.

I bought some old Spider-Mans.  #4 and #44.  They’re cool and I’m excited.  I have bagged and boarded the first ever appearance of the Sandman.  It’s probably a 1.5 if it were graded, but it’s complete and the interior is in good shape.  Just some damage to the top right of the cover, but it’s all there.  Might be the first comic I get CGC’d.


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