Irredeemable #1-4

Writer – Mark Waid

I started appreciating Mark Waid on his Daredevil run and wanted to try his creator owned stuff but was late to the party.  I found the first four trades of Irredeemable in the discount rack at half price books and for $8 total, how could I pass this up?

Summary:  What is Superman turned evil.  Plutonian (he’s Superman) apparently gets sick of everyone talking shit and not being thankful enough and decides to kill. . . well, it’s hard to tell who he’s going to kill.  He’s toying with people because nobody can stop him.  The first four issues are pretty grim as he kills women, children, super heroes, super villains, and entire cities.  You can’t hide from him, you can’t run from him, you can’t stop him.

Some super heroes can hide and they try to find out if anyone anywhere ever has come up with a way to slow him down.

I liked it.  I can’t wait to read the next three trades and then see about getting the second half of the series.


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