The Walking Dead #1-10

Writer – Robert Kirkman

I don’t particularly care for zombie stories.  I think the first couple were original, the rest seem to rehash the idea and try to come up with better kill shots.  Even though I really like Kirkman (Invincible is my favorite comic that’s come out in the past 15 years), I skipped The Walking Dead phenomenon.  I started picking up the comics a couple months ago after All Out War because it seemed that every TWC comic doubled in value within 2 months of release and it was rumored this was a good place to start, so what the hell?  Let’s try.  Throw in finding a ton of TWD trades at Half Price Books (I should have picked up more than just 1 and 2) and I’m on the roll.

Rick is in a coma, wakes up alone, and finds the world has gone to hell.  He meets up with a group (that coincidentally included his wife and kid which really didn’t strike me as too interesting but I’m guessing it really matters in the long run and was pretty essential for the drama of the first arc) and they go about trying to find a place to survive.

Most of this comic is good.  It’s an interesting social drama set in a world where your environment can kill you.  This could be a story about survivors on an alien planet or after a nuclear war, but it’s zombies and the zombies are fine.  My biggest problem is this:  These ‘survivors’ are idiots.  They do so many stupid things at stupid times they’re just begging to die.  Washing clothes?  Let’s make sure we don’t keep a lookout behind us as we walk.  Exploring a subdivision?  Split up into small groups and not check for monsters in basements.  Seriously, three sessions of old school Dungeons and Dragons and these people would NEVER be surprised by zombies that walk slowly at you.  Also – PUT ON SOME LAYERS.  WEAR A FUCKING HOOD.  Their bite is what gets you, so wear gloves.  I know it’s hard to find shit, but if you could find a hammer, you could find a pair of gardening gloves.

Anyway, I look forward to the third arc as I trudge ahead in the 120s.  Kirkman tells a compelling story.  I still don’t really like zombies, though.


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