Web of Spider-Man 23-28

I read these a few weeks back.  Let’s see what I recall of them.

Web #23 – Michelinie and Kaminsky shared writing duties.  Joy thinks Peter sucks because he gets Spidey to help him get good pics.  He got good pics overseas.  Slyde tries to steal.  Peter takes Aunt May to Atlantic City, setting up a vulture episode.  This was ok.  Art was stiff but well constructed.  The colors were Bob Sharen’s usual.  Really, it was ok.  Nothing more.

Web #24 – Michelinie and Kaminsky again.  Pete’s in Atlantic City with Aunt May, he’s got a nice white suit, Nathan’s got a gambling problem, The Vulture has a Hobgoblin problem, Spidey has a problem that someone doesn’t affect his spider-sense (is this prelude to Venom?).  Another decent but forgettable issue that kind of tried to tie in to Gang War.

Web #25 – Larry Lieber story and pencils.  You know how sometimes the big numbers get big stories.  Issue 100 or 50 or 25.  Well, this was 25 and. . . not so much.  A convoluted story about saving a far away galaxy with a MacGuffin that had fallen to Earth.  Fortunately Spider-Man helped save the day (with the time travelling do-gooder that helped).  The less said the better.

Web #26 – Petruchka and Kaminsky on the story – Man, this wasn’t good at all.  Spider-Sense on the fritz from a chemical something, Spidey lets the wrong guy go, he does bad things, in the end he gets the bad guy.  Another that is just going to sit on the shelf, hoping not to get re-read.

Web #27 – The Headhunter (new?) kidnaps a kid.  Spidey gets him back.  The Headhunter was actually pretty prepared and Spidey was mostly a dummy.  The colors(Marie Severin) were vibrant, the story( Dwight John Zimmerman) was only ok.

Webt #28 – Bob Layton was the writer.  A silly flashback story about the time Spider-Man left his street clothes in the torch of the Statue of Liberty and by the time he got back the torch was removed for the Rose Bowl Parade.  Over the top silly (Spidey has a sunburn), but a fun enough story.  These really skipped tying in with the main story of Amazing and had little continuity of their own.  This was a pretty weak stretch.


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