Spider-Man vs. Wolverine #1

I’m going to skip some ground.  I’ve now read up through Amazing #288, Spectacular #126, and Web #28.  Next up was Ned Leeds and Spider-Man going to Germany for a story on some spies that Leeds had been working on.  Leeds immediately gets his throat cut and Spider-Man teams up with Wolverine to. . . umm, kill Wolverine’s girlfriend in one of the most convoluted assisted suicide plans ever.

The story is a weird mix of super-cool and really dumb.  Anyway, Wolverine and his girlfriend end up getting Spider-Man to punch her so hard that he kills her and all the trouble goes away – except for Pete who is now a killer and Ned who is dead.

Next up is the Hobgoblin reveal and we’re getting to where I’m going to be missing some comics as I can’t find Amazing #299 and #300 for a reasonable price.


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