Kraven’s Last Hunt

Web 31,32 – Spectacular 131,132 – Amazing 293, 294

Spider-Man was pretty dark with the death of Ned Leeds, the Gang War series, the Hobgoblin reveals, the Rose, and all that before Spidey’s wedding.  Then THIS happened.  It was a little over the top moody for me, and I suppose Kraven’s last hunt is a bit of a misnomer as nobody ever dies, but this was a dark and interesting story that really, really shows the dark side of Mary Jane’s life.  Really, as bad as it was for every one else involved (hell, Kraven kills himself), this shows why being the wife of a superhero just sucks.

This mini-series had its flaws.  Nobody was concerned that Peter Parker, front page journalist for the Daily Bugle, is completely missing?  No other superhero types are looking for the missing Spider-Man?  It doesn’t really add up.  That said, it was a fun read.  I don’t remember the reaction to it back in ’88 or whenever it came out, but a definite trip to the dark side of Spider-Land in the ’80s.


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