Web of Spider-Man #37, #38, Spectacular Spider-Man #137

Web #37 – (Owsley / Geiger) – A rather unbelievable tale about a serial killer slasher killing high end fashion models.  Pete seems remarkably uninterested in spite of the fact that his wife’s friends are being killed and she may be next.  Everyone is moderately incompetent here including the schlub trying to win a model’s affection, the dude he hired to help him, the model investigator and Spidey himself.  In spite of it all, I was at least entertained reading it.

Spectacular #137 (Conway / Buscema) – The Tarantula returns!  Immigration gets a helper as the Tarantula starts assassinating illegal immigrants who supported the other side in whatever country he’s from and then illegally came to the US.  It’s a decent story and has a lot of moving parts.  I’m not sure if I should know why Robbie Robertson knows Tombstone.  It’s got a decent finish that has Captain America coming to help THE BAD GUYS.  Amazing 298-300 is next, so there’s some real meaty stories coming up.

Web #38 (Nicieza / Saviuk) – Someone spiked the punch bowl at the party that MJ makes Pete put on.  Pete’s downing the punch.  Hobgoblin strikes!  Drunk Spidey barely escapes with his life.  Another silly one shot that was not terrible to read.

Venom is next!  I’ve never been a Venom fan, but I’m excited to read his origin and maybe this will give me a better appreciation for him.  Love the next Amazing covers.  Really looking forward to this little run.


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