Spectacular Spider-Man #138, Web of Spider-Man #39

Spectacular 138: Conway/Buscema: The conclusion of a heavy handed (but decently interesting) story on illegal immigrants with The Tarantula as the villain.  John Walker is Captain America here and very ineffective, originally HELPING Tarantula, eventually realizing what’s wrong and helping save the day doing nothing, which is enough.  It adds a little more to the Robbie Robertson/Tombstone connection, which does pay off in a few issues.

Web #39: Nicieza/Saviuk: A mildly decent story that gets Spidey back in his red and blues, gets Nathan back to Aunt May, and gets us a brief view of The Looter/Meteroman.

Spectacular was a decent two parter, Web was a decent one shot, these were fun and nice little stories to read if not too deep.


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