Spectacular Spider-Man #139-142, Web of Spider-Man #40-43

Spectacular: Conway/Buscema: A convoluted and fantastic Tombstone story.  Not going to sum it up.  Notes:  The Arranger is kind of cool.  The Persuader is new and I’m not sure a *super* villain, or even a villain.  Punisher makes good Spidey comics.  Robbie is probably going to jail.  These are definitely worth rereading and would make a great little graphic novel.

Web: David/Saviuk:  A bit of a weird cult story (The Cult of Love, parts 1-4).  Betty Brant falls in with the Cult of Love.  It’s possible Kate’s sister is there too!  Pete saves the day with Flash, some cop I forget, Dr. Druid’s advice, and avoids being brainwashed.  MJ poses for naughty pictures but burns them before submitting them.  Aunt May sees MJ’s naughty pictures and threatens to MJ that May will deck her if she hurts Peter.

These were both fun four part stories that show that there was good stuff in all three Spidey titles at this point.  It’s no wonder they were selling so many issues – these were great fun with great art and interesting stories.  Spectacular goes a bit deeper into Spider-history, but Conway becomes the regular Web and Spectacular writer for like three years, so he’s building something here. David just writes fun stories.


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