The Amazing Spider-Man #301-303

All of them were Michelinie/McFarlane.  These were three connected stories that all worked well as one shots (although the Kansas story in the middle was pretty dumb).

301: Silver Sable is working for a guy named Cruz who really is Kraus and the son of an old Nazi villain.  She doesn’t know this, but Spidey figures it out and together they will have to save the day.  Through the entire issue, a mysterious man is tracking Peter Parker. . . it turns out he’s from Kansas and wants Parker to work for him there.  AS A SCIENTIST!!!

302:  Wes Cassady is the Amazing Jack Rabbit.  He was bitten by a radioactive rabbit.  Yep.  Kansas is weird as crap with a lot of explosions and misdeeds.  Pete seems to think this is a *good* employment opportunity.

303: Spider-Man, Silver Sable, and guest star, Sandman take out the evil Nazi guy.  MJ will support Peter in Kansas.  He says he’d rather stay in NY and go back to school.  Everyone wins.

A decent three part story.  Jack Rabbit strong leg guy was pretty dumb, but I like McFarlane’s Spider-Man (but his MJ is a bit extreme for me), and overall I like the direction that Michelinie is going with this title.


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