New Comics 2/4/2015

Punisher 15

Star Wars 1 (Second Printing, cool black background cover)

Avengers 41

The Dying and the Dead 1

Nailbiter 10

Saga 25

Star Wars 2 (Han Solo action figure cover)

Uber 21

Ms. Marvel 11

Munchkin 1


I didn’t get Ant-Man #2 (wasn’t in), COWL 8 (sold out) or Postal #1 (Bob didn’t order any).  I’ve already read Punisher (pretty awesome after a bit of a letdown last month) and Avengers 41 (which goes deep into the Ultimate universe and was pretty cool).


One thought on “New Comics 2/4/2015

  1. Loved Avengers, completely hated Munchkin. Ms. Marvel was pretty good. Punisher was fine, but it’s losing a bit of steam with me. I guess Frank being free again is nice – Things can at least happen again.

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