Spectacular Spider-Man 152-154, Web of Spider-Man 53-55

Without a doubt, the Lobo/Kingpin war was fantastic.  This was really good stuff.  It definitely should be in a compilation, it would make a great trade.  Robbie in jail trying to survive Tombstone (and the unfortunate demise of Bruiser), Chameleon as JJJ, Chameleon teaming up with Hammerhead, The Arranger trying to survive Kingpin and the Wolves, Kingpin trying to survive the Wolves, and Spidey in all of it.

One of the best mini-series in Spidey history that I’ve read.  I actually was very excited to read the next issue that was coming up each time.  The only misstep was the weird arrival of Puma in Spectacular 154, but maybe his appearance will make sense later.  It didn’t fit in the story well at all and seemed a bit shoehorned in.  I’ve never been a Puma fan, so that may have something to do with it, but it seemed out of place with the other stories.

Great rundown of the entire Lobo Brothers Gang War here:  http://www.chasingamazingblog.com/2013/11/19/reader-request-lobo-brothers-gang-war/


One thought on “Spectacular Spider-Man 152-154, Web of Spider-Man 53-55

  1. And, from what I’ve read over at Chasing Amazing, Spectacular has 3 more issues of this story. I’m really looking forward to the Assassin Nation Plot next. I don’t have the comics, but I have an old beat up trade paperback of it.

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